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Marissa’s Wisdom Teeth Removal

Hi, my name is Marissa, and I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I came to see Dr. Hernandez to get all four of my wisdom teeth taken out. When I first came in, I was terrified. I remember even in my first consultation, I started crying. I remember him telling me to just trust him, and for some reason, my gut just said to go with him, and the day of my appointment, I was really scared, but it was totally fine. He has an ease about him. You hear all these horror stories when it comes to wisdom teeth; it was a breeze. I didn’t have any pain. I didn’t have any swelling. No chipmunk cheeks, and I was literally eating solid foods the same day. I would totally recommend Dr. Hernandez and his staff for wisdom teeth removal. It was the easiest experience of my life.

Isabel’s Facial Trauma Was Treated by Dr. Hernandez

My name is Isabel, and I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was in a horrible car accident. I came to see Dr. Hernandez because I was very unhappy with my last surgery. I was looking for a doctor that was honestly into his field because he cared about a patient. He treated me like I was a member of his family, and from the very beginning, I felt very comfortable, and he was able to understand what I needed and what I expected from the surgery. I feel extremely happy with my results. I believe that Dr. Hernandez has a gift, and he has a huge talent. Out of many surgeons that I experienced, he is by far outstanding. He is the best.

Dr. Hernandez Extracted Tara’s Wisdom Teeth

My name is Tara, and I am from Deerfield Beach, Florida. When I initially came in to Dr. Hernandez’s office, I was a wreck. I was anxious; I was nervous. I was everything imaginable, and he put me at ease at first, and the anxiety definitely faded after a couple minutes — not even — in the office. The overall procedure is something that I don’t remember. I woke up without any pain or tiredness. It was just great when I woke up; it was done. Dr. Hernandez is amazing. I strongly, strongly recommend him to anyone. I absolutely think he is knowledgeable, experienced — the doctor to go see if you need your wisdom teeth removed and definitely the number one doctor that I could recommend to friends, family, neighbors, you name it. He is the person to go to.

Betty Received a Dental Implant at Our Office

My name is Betty, and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When I first came in, I was nervous about getting a dental implant because I had never had one before and heard a lot of different things about it. Dr. Hernandez and his staff made me feel very comfortable about it, explained everything to me about it, and at the end of that, my nerves were certainly quieted. The procedures I had were an extraction, a bone graft and the implant. During all those procedures, I never had any major pain. Nothing more than needed a TYLENOL® to alleviate, and that was even rare. It was uneventful. I would, without a doubt and without reservation, recommend Dr. Hernandez and his staff.

Dr. Lipson Refers Patients for Oral Surgery

I am Dr. Frank Lipson. My practice is Dr. Frank Lipson, DDS, PA. I refer to Dr. Hernandez because he’s always there when I need him. He handles my very, very difficult cases and usually gets my patients in as quickly as possible so that they don’t have to remain in pain, and the staff handles all the referrals really well. Dr. Hernandez and I have collaborated on numerous very, very difficult cases. Patients absolutely love Dr. Hernandez. They’ve had broken jaws in different places and needed help immediately; he was always there for them, and the feedback over several years now has been very consistent, and everybody’s been very comfortable with him. He’s there for you when you need him, which is probably the most important reason for having an oral surgeon that you refer to because when things don’t go right, you need him very quickly.

Dr. Gerber Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeremy Gerber, and I practice at Jeremy Gerber, DMD – Cosmetic, General, and Implant Dentistry. Well, I refer to Dr. Hernandez because I look for a doctor that has the utmost respect for the patients and does a very good job of taking care of them and working together with me. I refer all types of cases to Dr. Hernandez, from impacted wisdom teeth to implants and to sinus lift bone grafts. We sit there and meet several times to discuss certain cases and to go over the planned treatment for each patient. We also take a look at what our final objective is to make sure we are both working together for the same goal. I think it benefits the patients tremendously. They have two doctors that are working together with their best interest in mind. Well, they tell me multiple things when they return from Dr. Hernandez’s office. The best one I like to hear is that they don’t remember what happened. They know he did the work. They know he went in there. They have stitches in their mouth so they know it was done, but they don’t remember anything, and they have no pain or discomfort whatsoever. He does good work. Patients love him. What more can I ask for?

Dr. Dixon Refers Oral Surgery Patients

I’m Dr. Merv Dixon. Name of the practice is Dixon & Dixon. I refer to Dr. Hernandez because he’s an excellent, excellent oral surgeon. He’s convenient. He is very efficient, and his office staff is capable of getting the patients in here on an emergency basis. We are very pleased, and all the patients that come back from being here say what a wonderful experience they had. The types of patients we mostly refer are teenagers who need four wisdom teeth extracted or some of our senior citizens who have badly broken down teeth that we know are going to be a problem. By the time they get here, he’s got it all ready to go, and if it needs extractions and an implant done, it’s all handled under one roof, which is very convenient for the patient.

Dr. Walters Refers Oral Surgery Patients

Hello, I am George Walters. I have been a practicing dentist in Fort Lauderdale for 25 years. Well, I have been referring to Dr. Hernandez for many of those years and for many reasons. He’s an excellent oral surgeon, great credentials in his training and his residency. When I get feedback from my patients when they come back to see me, they have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Hernandez and his chairside manner and his wonderful, friendly staff. It is nice to have a friendly face, friendly smile and some comforting words before actually going in and having the dentistry done. It really does help them calm down and get into the experience with a little more understanding. Overall, working with their office with my staff and with myself and patients is a very pleasant experience. He has a wonderful staff, and I am sure that all starts from the top, and that makes it a winner for all of us.

Dr. Hernandez Removed Hector’s Wisdom Teeth

Hi, my name is Hector; I’m from Mexico. I came to see Dr. Hernandez to get one of my wisdom teeth removed and another extraction on a different tooth. When I came in, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know if I was going to be experiencing a great deal of discomfort. Dr. Hernandez has a lot of experience. He reassured me that everything was going to be alright. His staff was welcoming, and the procedures, the techniques and everything — it all went perfect. The final recovery for me was a breeze, to be honest with you. If any of my family members or friends in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Tamarac, Sunrise are in need of wisdom teeth extractions, I would definitely recommend them to come to Dr. Hernandez and his staff.

Dr. Chencin Refers Oral Surgery Patients

My name is Dr. Joseph Chencin, DDS. I have been practicing for over 32 years in the Fort Lauderdale area. The type of cases that I refer to Dr. Hernandez involve surgical extractions; also involve implant cases and trauma cases. I really appreciate his expertise when it comes to maxillofacial surgery. We work together very often, and he does a fantastic job. We take into consideration the whole picture starting from where the staff is involved and where treatment plan is very important. Patients are very happy with the results. I’ve got nothing but positive reviews from the patients, starting from the staff, including Dr. Hernandez’s expertise both medically and surgically.

Dr. Hernandez Removed Gary’s Wisdom Teeth

Hi, my name is Gary. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My dentist had noticed my wisdom teeth had a small crack and the beginning of an infection, and she just suggested I come here to have them taken out. I am a little apprehensive most of the time when I go to the dentist. It’s not a pleasant experience usually, so I didn’t know what to expect, especially having to have dental surgery. The first thing I noticed was how friendly the front office was. As soon as I got here, they made me feel extremely comfortable, and then Dr. Hernandez, of course, was a very good experience in meeting him. He seemed very confident in himself, and as it turned out, he did everything he said he was going to do. Well, the procedure, as it turned out, I sat down, and the next thing I know, I woke up and looked around, and the lady said, “You’re all done.” I kind of thought that was funny because I didn’t know I was done; I didn’t know anything had been done, and that was remarkable to me. The recovery was exactly as Dr. Hernandez said it was going to be, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had with a dentist. I will absolutely recommend Dr. Hernandez for anybody that needed any form of dental surgery.

Dr. Hernandez Treated Carmel’s Oral Pathology

I am Carmel, and I am from Pompano Beach, Florida, originally from North Haven, Connecticut. I met Dr. Hernandez in Holy Cross Hospital. I was rushed to the emergency room with abscesses in my jaw and mouth, and the first time I saw him was in my hospital room. He used his hands and gave one massive push and took care of most of the infection and then monitored that. The procedure — I was made very comfortable; of course, he used anesthesia and did a surgical procedure. Every time I have come, I have been made to feel very comfortable, and he is just a gem of a fellow. His staff is very friendly. They know your name. When they call you on the phone, they are always very, very pleasant. It has been a very positive experience all the way around. Dr. Hernandez is very special. If I could, I would adopt him.

John’s Teeth Were Extracted and Restored Using Dental Implants

Hi, I am John from Fort Lauderdale. Well, I have had three extractions and two implants by Doc. I hate dentists, and I have a low tolerance for pain. He is very good, painless dentist. Everything went very well. I was a little apprehensive when he told me on one of the implants he had to move a nerve; I thought, “Uh oh, this is going to hurt,” but it didn’t, so I really like the guy. My recoveries have been good. No problem. I definitely would recommend Dr. Hernandez for any of my friends or acquaintances in Dania, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano — from anywhere around here.

Meg Had Wisdom Teeth Removed and Dental Implants Placed

Hi, my name is Meg. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I came to see Dr. Hernandez because I needed to get my wisdom teeth out and also a baby tooth pulled and an implant put in. I was actually really, really nervous, but once I walked in, everybody was super friendly. Nerves went away 100 percent. Dr. Hernandez is an awesome guy. Every time I came in, he answered every question perfectly that I had; made sure I left feeling like I was comfortable and I knew what was going on; told me I could call him anytime I needed him, so he was awesome. My wisdom teeth — that was the thing I was most scared for when I came in; I was really, really nervous. Everyone made me feel a lot better about it. It felt like five minutes. It was perfect. It couldn’t have gone any better. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hernandez and his staff. Everyone is awesome — very welcoming, very friendly, and I had a great experience.

Rich Underwent Oral Pathology Treatment

My name is Richard; I am from Houston, Texas. I am active-duty military, and they referred me to Dr. Hernandez. I needed a biopsy on my tongue. I was very nervous, very nervous. I have never had anything like this done before. The thought of them taking a piece of my tongue out left me wondering was my tongue going to be disfigured. After he explained the procedure to me and what they were going to do in detail, I felt very much at ease, and basically, exactly what he said would happen is what happened. The procedure — I came in, did the paperwork of course. I met with the staff; the staff was excellent. The results are good. Got feeling in my tongue. It was like nothing ever happened. You can’t even see anything when you look at it. Nobody can even tell I ever had a piece taken out. Dr. Hernandez was very professional, very positive and open. He just put you at ease from the beginning. If I ever have more dental work to be done, I will definitely ask to come see Dr. Hernandez. It was good; it was positive. From start to finish, everything was great.

Van’s Tooth Was Removed and Replaced With Dental Implants

Hi, I am Van. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I grew up here; I have been here many years. I came here to see Dr. Hernandez because I needed major, major extractions done, and then he also did two dental implants. I was very nervous when I first came in to see him about having the first two extractions. He told me not to worry about anything. The minute I met him, I had a very good, intuitive vibe about him. He was very compassionate. I feel that Dr. Hernandez loves all of his patients. I also genuinely feel that he is an angel in disguise. Everything went great. I felt no pain during the whole procedure. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs major work done on their mouth.

Dr. Hernandez Removed Robert’s Wisdom Teeth

Hi, my name is Robert. I am originally from New York; I just moved down to Florida. I was feeling pain with my wisdom teeth, so I was referred to Dr. Hernandez and he did an excellent job at taking my wisdom teeth out. I was nervous about feeling pain afterwards. I heard swelling was going to be involved, but afterwards, I had no pain and no swelling, so it was great. He is very friendly, and he told me everything that needed to be done with the procedure, and everything came out perfect. His staff is very good also. They are very friendly; they followed up with my appointments, and they were great. I recovered quicker than I thought. Like I said, I had no swelling, no pain, so I recovered within a week. I tell my friends out there that need to get their wisdom teeth taken out in Hollywood, Dania Point and Fort Lauderdale — I definitely recommend Dr. Hernandez.

Kaitlyn’s Wisdom Teeth Were Removed in Our Office

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My wisdom teeth were causing me pain, so a friend of mine recommended that I come and see Dr. Hernandez. I was a little bit nervous when I was first initially asked to come see the doctor. I had never had oral surgery before, and I was just nervous of how it might go. Dr. Hernandez talked me through the entire process and showed me exactly what was going to be done. His staff is extremely friendly, and they showed me everything that I needed to know. The procedure that day was over before I even knew it. I was put under, and I woke up feeling fine. My recovery was about two days, and I was back to work. I had zero swelling and no pain at all. Dr. Hernandez is a very nice guy. He definitely knows how to calm someone down. He explains everything before it is done, and he is just very easygoing. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hernandez for wisdom teeth removal, and I have done that before.

Danny Received a Full-Arch Restoration With Dental Implants

Hi, I am Danny from Pompano Beach, Florida. I came to see Dr. Hernandez because I was missing quite a few teeth up top and the bottom. He actually put in eight implants — four in the bottom and four in the top. You are always nervous, but they make you feel very comfortable here. The staff is outstanding. Anything you want or anything you need — they help you out if you need anything with paperwork. They are extremely friendly. I don’t think they have ever had a bad day. Dr. Hernandez is a wonderful guy — straightforward. He will tell you exactly what it is. Sit there, and if you listen to him, there’s no issues whatsoever. The pain was nothing compared to what I thought it would be, and I’d say, within a couple weeks, it was no issue. It is like night and day. I feel like 10 years younger. I can actually eat real food. I would highly recommend him. I work with a lot of people, in public, and everyone I have ever run into, I say if they need any kind of oral surgery, I couldn’t pick a better office.

Brandon’s Facial Trauma Was Treated by Dr. Hernandez

Hello, my name is Brandon. I live here in Fort Lauderdale. I originally grew up in Southern California. I came to see Dr. Hernandez as a referral from the emergency room doctor. I was playing softball and ended up with a line drive directly to my left eye. Speaking with Dr. Hernandez, actually, when you hear “surgery,” I was very nervous it actually would have a direct impact on my profession to have any kind of eye issues. But the way he explained it, I really wasn’t nervous about it at all. Now everything feels good. I could actually feel the fracture; my eye would actually slide across it before the surgery. In fact, I tell friends and show them pictures of the X-ray, and nobody believes it; it feels normal and looks normal. Everything is great now. Dr. Hernandez’s staff is incredibly friendly; they are just very caring, sweet, helpful, just a joy to talk to on the phone. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hernandez to anybody that I knew and his staff. It is like visiting a family, and a highly skilled one at that, so I will definitely recommend him.

Berenice Had Her Wisdom Teeth Extracted

Hello, my name is Berenice, and I am originally from Dominican Republic, and I have been living in South Florida for about seven years now. Coming to see Dr. Hernandez was great. Everything from the staff initially making you feel comfortable. The people at the front desk, they made me feel like I wasn’t taking a test to fill out the form or anything like that, and his bedside manner is absolutely excellent. The procedure for my wisdom tooth extraction was actually great. I have a lot of anxiety towards needles, so the fact that I was able to be sedated was a huge plus. I didn’t have any pain that day or the following day, so that also made it really good because I was able to go integrate into work very quickly. I work in a dental office myself so we actually refer to him, and I have always had great feedback from every single patient we send to him. People always come back saying, “Oh it was so great; I don’t remember anything.” That definitely reassures us that we have chosen the correct oral surgeon to send our referrals out to.

Dr. Selmic Refers Patients to Our Practice

My name is Dr. Nadezda Selmic. I am a restorative dentist and cosmetic dentist, and I practice closely with Dr. Hernandez. I refer a lot of bone grafting, third molar extractions. I referred implant cases. He has that experience that is not very common in a lot of oral surgeons, so I am confident that my patients will be taken care of. My front desk — Beth, she is excellent — and Veronica, they work very closely, and they are on the top of all the X-rays, all the communication, so they put us together, and we overlook the whole thing together. When my patients come back from Dr. Hernandez after surgeries, they are typically very happy, and they say Dr. Hernandez was great.

Dr. Cook Refers Patients to Our Practice

My name is Raul Cook. I am a periodontist in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I refer to Dr. Hernandez because, first, I’ve seen his work, his job, and I believe he is the best oral surgeon that I have seen working. I have 20 years of experience in the dental field. He is a great colleague, and I love his way, how his work is. There is always great communication between my office and my staff and his office and his staff, and I believe that communication between the two offices makes our team very successful and very good for the patients. Because patients are going to feel more comfortable when they know that there is a good understanding how the diseases or how the treatment is going to be treated by the two specialists. Honestly, Dr. Hernandez has been doing this for the same time that I have been doing dentistry, and I feel a 100% comfortable sending even myself, my family, my wife and all my patients. He is the best.