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Dr. Roland Hernandez may recommend corrective jaw surgery to improve your oral function and quality of life. Also known as orthognathic surgery, this type of procedure can improve your ability to eat, speak and perform other daily actions comfortably. To schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon and learn more about corrective jaw surgery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, contact Fort Lauderdale OMS at 954-356-9956.

Corrective jaw surgery is recommended when your oral health, function and appearance are impacted by problems that cannot be resolved with more conservative treatment options. Our oral surgeon and team typically provide surgical jaw procedures to correct abnormalities in the teeth, jaws or facial bones, and they will thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw to determine which type of procedure will be most beneficial for you. It is especially important that you receive treatment if your jaw problems are affecting your ability to speak, chew, sleep or perform other routine activities.

Our practice takes great care in designing and providing your treatment plans to ensure that you always receive the highest possible quality of care. Our oral surgeon and team use the latest technologies to evaluate your teeth, mouth and supporting bone, and our office features an operating room as well as a general anesthesia machine and provider to ensure your comfort. You can count on our oral surgeon and team to review your oral health and treatment options with you so that you fully understand your procedure and can make informed decisions regarding your care. We will also provide you with post-op instructions to help you recover following your treatment.

Call our team today to schedule your consultation and learn if corrective jaw surgery is right for you!